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Are you more of a short-and-sweet or do you want to see e-ver-y-thing? Think through the run-times available and how each length makes you feel. Our highlight films tend to be more couple-centric and get to the point more quickly. Our feature length wedding films allow scenes to develop a bit more and give us the opportunity to feature more of the guests, details, and setting of your wedding day.

If you are hosting a large event, it is extremely helpful for us to have more than one filmmaker. We often need to be in multiple places at one time, especially if there are location logistics to navigate. IE: If you are getting ready in different places or if your ceremony is at a different venue than your reception. We’re also able to cover more ground and get a wider variety of coverage. For example, we will sometimes have one filmmaker capturing reception details while another is filming the ceremony.

We are frequent flyers (and drivers and trainers) and are very comfortable handling travel logistics for our weddings. All of our collections include travel accommodations for events happening in the US. Planning an international fête? We'll discuss the travel options with you and create a custom quote for any additional costs.


- Three filmmakers
- Ten hours of coverage

- Eight - Ten minute feature film

- Welcome Party coverage
- Aerial Footage
- Wedding film trailer

- Full ceremony, toasts, & special dances

- Travel accommodations

- Two filmmakers
- Nine hours of coverage
- Six - Eight minute wedding film

- Aerial Footage
- Full ceremony & toasts

- Travel accommodations

- One filmmaker

- Eight hours of coverage
- Four - Six minute highlight film

- Full ceremony
- Travel accommodations

À La Carte

You can customize any of the Collections above by utilizing our À La Carte menu.  Below you'll find our most popular options, sure to add life and texture to your memories.

More Options

Additional Filmmaker

Additional Hour of Coverage